Film by student Nestor Dorohoff. Hello I’m Nestor, today I’ll cook traditional Jewish dish “Humus”. To make hummus we need:
1) Chickpeas: I simply recommend buying a can of good organic chickpeas, which we will rinse and drain and add straight to the hummus.
2) Sesam: we prefer to make homemade tahini paste.
3) The best of Lemons, what we can find
4) Olive oil: first time, we need to add olive oil inside, and next time of serving pour the oil on top of the hummus paste
5) Salt: you can to take any salt. traditionally recipe strongly recommended to use sea salt, but we bought unicue gimmalanian pink salt, because it gives to humus special flavour.
6) Garlic: I find best organic garlic from a local farmer.
7) And we need cold, fresh, clean water, of course.

Music: Chris Haugen — Fresh Fallen Snow (Cinematic Background Music)

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